Promotion, engagement and loyalty platform


Entice - Engage - Reward - Repeat

Amazing Benefits For Your Business

WooYuu benefits to your business include:

Connect directly, and in real time, with your customers

Manage your occupancy/stock levels in real time

Increase customer retention

Incentivise your target customers

Reduce cost of customer acquisition

Reduce promotional and marketing costs

Gain insight into your loyal customers

Increase customer lifetime value


WooYuu is suitable for a wide range of businesses and use cases, including the following examples....

Business Sectors Include:

Food & Drink

Beauty & Spas

Health & Fitness

Events & Activities


Things To Do


Gain personal value for your spending habits and loyalty

Amazing Benefits To The Consumer

WooYuu benefits to the consumer include:

Gain accumulative kudos for your custom. (a personal rating for your spending habits)

Gain value for your loyalty

Promote your real time presence to selected local business

Promote your availability to receive offers from local businesses

Set your own tailored terms for your valuable custom

Search for mobile coupons in real time

Share offers with your friends

Search for information on local business

Promote your presence and availability

Real time promotion of your presence and availability to local businesses

Entice Engage Reward Repeat

Promotion, engagement and loyalty platform. Mutually beneficial to both the business and the consumer.

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